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Modification scheme of elevator electrical system

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Why do elevator modernization?

Most elevators are built to provide about 30 to 40 years of service,as long as service intervals specified and periodic maintenance/inspections by the manufacturer are followed. As the elevator ages and equipment become increasingly difficult to find or replace, many components require upgrades due to obsolete parts or advances in technology.


What is the elevator modernization?

Elevator modernization is the process of upgrading the critical parts of the elevator in order for it to be able to handle new technology, have better performance, improve safety, and even give the aesthetics an up-to-date appeal.
Modernizing your elevator can improve the safety and reliability of your equipment and increase the value of your building


The value of electrical modification

Old elevator status

1. High cost of accessories.
2. Does not meet the requirements of the new national standard.
3. Long maintenance cycle.
4. High noise and vibration.
5. High failure rate, often sleepy.
6.Low operating efficiency.

Advantages of electrical update

1. Little damage to the building.
2. Short construction period.
3. Low cost.
4. Improve resource utilization efficiency.
5. Targeted elimination of hidden safety hazards


Elevator Modification diagram



SANJIN Elevator Modernization Product Catalog

Elevator Modification quotation and ordering process


How to do elevator modernization?

The main parts of the following elevators will be involved for elevator modernization:


I. Controller Equipment: the part of the elevator that controls the movement of the elevator through the floors.

1.Accurate floor leveling
2.Energy efficiency
3.Faster response time
4.Emergency fire service compliance
5.Increase ride comfort
6.Non-proprietary designs

IIThe Hoist Machines and Motors :the part of the elevator that does the heavy lifting

1.Boost efficiency
2.Enhance ride quality
3.Eliminate DC motor generator and replace with efficient AC design
4.Improve braking system for added safety
5.Increase up direction protection with new rope gripper
6.Perform safety and governor upgrades to meet codes

III.Electrical Wiring and Buttons of the cab :controlling the lights, destination floors, etc.

1.Improve passenger safety
2.Reduce operating noise
3.Efficient door speeds
4.Enhance aesthetics
5.Electronic door reopening device 

Cab Enclosure
1.Meet American with Disabilities Act (ADA) codes
2.Improve passenger comfort
3.Low voltage lighting aids energy efficiency
4.Stylish contemporary looks available
1.ADA compliant
2.Vandal resistant
3.Upgrade emergency lighting and communication systems
4.Update aesthetics

Hydraulic Power Unit
1.Improve performance of elevator
2.Reduce noise and vibration
3.Accurate floor leveling
4.Building energy savings
5.Eliminate overheating issues
6.Bucher closed-loop electronic valves available 

IV.Even the tracks of the doors are sometimes modified and changed, all to keep the elevator up-to-date, and to the aesthetics conscious, paneling, electronics, and additional style changes can also be done in the interior of the cabs.


Scheme of elevator modernization plan

Component Scheme of elevator modernization plan
Refurbishment work Partial modernization Full modernization Full replacement
Elevator car
Sling No No by building owners Yes
Door operator No Optional Yes Yes
Cab design Optional, by building owners Optional, by building owners Yes Yes
Car doors Optional Optional Yes Yes
Car fixtures Optional by building owners Yes Yes
Wedges connected to the governor No by elevator safety code in countries
Additional phone/intercom and security camera if they don't equipped by building owners Yes Yes Yes
Traveling cable No Yes Yes Yes
Wire ropes No by building owners Yes Yes
Counterweight No No No Yes
Hydraulic rams No No No Yes
Guide rails No No No Yes
Buffers No No Yes Yes
Electrical components No No No Yes
Tapehead No Yes Yes Yes
Limit switches No Yes Yes Yes
Wiring No Yes Yes Yes
Compensations No No No Yes
Shaft door components Optional Yes Yes Yes
Shaft doors Optional Yes Yes Yes
Hall fixtures Optional Yes Yes Yes
Machine room
Machines No Optional Yes Yes
Controllers No Yes Yes Yes
Removal of the selector No Yes Yes Yes
Overspeed governor No by elevator safety code in countries
Additional ACOP and UCMP device if they don't equipped by building owners
Backup battery or uninterruptible power supply No Yes Yes Yes


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