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Elevator gearless traction machine GTW7



MOQ:1 pcs

Warranty Time:1 year


Elevator traction machine GTW7
III.Brake:DC110V 2*0.84A(2*1.1A)
V.Max. Static Load:2000kg...

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Elevator gearless traction machine GTW7

SANJIN has been distributing the entire line of Torin Drive machines for over 18 years, and supplying
various types and specifications of elevator traction machine with different speed (from 0.63m/s-2.5m/s)
and load (from 320kg-2250kg)  Torin gearless traction machine as per customers' requirement.

Suspension:2:1 LiftSpeed(m/s)
Load(kg) 0.63 0.75 1 1.5 1.6 1.75 2 2.5
320 GTW7A    
800     GTW9S、GTW2S  
1150     GTW2S、GTW3、GTW9S、GTW10M
1250     GTW3、GTW10M、GTW10L GTW10M、GTW1OL
1350     GTW3、GTW5A、GTW10、GTW10L GTW5A、GTW10、GTW10L GTW10、GTW10L
1600     GTWSA、GTW10、GTW1OL
2000     GTW5A、GTW10L GTW10L
2250     GTW10L  

Our service staff is ready and available to take your calls and work on your project with you.

Technical Parameters

Elevator traction machine GTW7A
Spec Load
Lift Speed
Rope Sheave
Torque Rated Speed
GTW7A-31P0 320 1 φ325 3xφ8x12 6.3 200 118 31.5 2.5
GTW7A-31P5 320 1.5 φ325 3xφ8x12 8.9 200 177 47.2 3.7
GTW7A-31P6 320 1.6 φ325 3xφ8x12 8.9 200 189 50.4 4
GTW7A-31P7 320 1.75 φ325 3xφ8x12 9.4 200 206 54.9 4.3
GTW7A-41P0 450 1 φ325 4xφ8x12 8.3 265 118 31.5 3.3
GTW7A-41P5 450 1.5 φ325 4xφ8x12 11.7 265 177 47.2 4.9
GTW7A-41P6 450 1.6 φ325 4xφ8x12 11.7 265 189 50.4 5.2
GTW7A-41P7 450 1.75 φ325 4xφ8x12 12.5 265 206 54.9 5.7
GTW7A-50P6 550 0.63 φ325 5xφ8x12 5.6 290 74 19.7 2.2
GTW7A-50P7 550 0.75 φ325 5xφ8x12 8.1 290 88 23.5 2.7
GTW7A-51P0 550 1 φ325 5xφ8x12 8.1 290 118 31.5 3.6
GTW7A-51P5 550 1.5 φ325 5xφ8x12 12.2 290 177 47.2 5.4
GTW7A-51P6 550 1.6 φ325 5xφ8x12 12.2 290 189 50.4 5.7
GTW7A-51P7 550 1.75 φ325 5xφ8x12 3.2 290 206 54.9 6.3
GTW7A-60P6 630 0.63 φ325 5xφ8x12 6.3 325 74 19.7 2.5
GTW7A-60P7 630 0.75 φ325 5xφ8x12 9 325 38 23.5 3
GTW7A-61P0 630 1 φ325 5xφ8x12 9 325 118 31.5 4
|GTW7A-61P5 630 1.5 φ325 5xφ8x12 13.6 325 177 47.2 6
CTW7A-61P6 630 1.6 φ325 5xφ8x12 13.6 325 189 50.4 6.4
GTW7A-61P7 630 1.75 φ325 5xφ8x12 14.8 325 206 54.9 7


What is the difference between geared and gearless elevators?

1. Geared traction elevators have fair installation and maintenance costs, and low energy consumption, and speed is slower than gearless elevators, geared elevators offer advantages in terms of energy efficiency as they use less power to turn the pulley (sheave).
Gear-less traction elevators have a high initial cost, medium ongoing maintenance costs, and use energy a bit more efficiently than geared traction elevators.
2.Geared traction elevators are capable of travel speeds up to 500 feet per minute. The maximum travel distance for a geared traction elevator is around 250 feet.
Gear-less Traction Elevators have the wheel attached directly to the motor.  Gear-less traction elevators are capable of speeds up to 2,000 feet per minute and they have a maximum travel distance of around 2,000 feet so they are the only choice for high-rise applications.


Elevator gearless traction machine Advantages

--- The floor to floor flight times are quicker and offers almost unlimited travel.
--- Gearless traction car speeds are typically much faster than those of Geared traction applications. Geared traction cars can move at 500 fpm (2.5 m/s) or less and gearless traction cars move at speeds of 500 to 1,600 fpm (2.5 to 8.1 m/s).
--- A wide range of capacities for both passenger and freight applications
--- Because of the motor design, the gearless application develops higher torque and runs at lower RPMs giving the gearless machine a long lifetime.


Elevator gearless traction machine Disadvantages

--- The material cost and the installation time are substantially higher when compared to a geared traction elevator application.
--- There are structural building considerations, since the loading forces are larger for the gearless application.
--- Elevator maintenance cost is generally higher (compared to geared elevators).


Buyer Guarantee

--- Your supplier has 18 years focus on elevator and escalator parts manufacturer and trading
--- Professional technical engineers,offer elevator technical solution&after-sale service.
--- One-stop shops for all lift&escalator parts and service.
--- More than 30,000 types product in stock.
--- Repair & modification to old elevator.
--- Free of charge to change if occurs unman-made broken within 12 months.



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