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Heidenhain elevator encoder ERN1387 204862S14-70

Model:ERN1387 204862S14-70


MOQ:1 pcs

Warranty Time:1 year


Heidenhain elevator encoder ERN1387 204862S14-70
Rotary encoders with integral bearings for elevator technology
• Simple installation
• Rigid shaft coupling
• Plane-surface coupling for large mounting tolerances
• Uniform dimensions for various e...

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Heidenhain elevator encoder ERN1387 204862S14-70

ERN 1387 pin layout

Cable shield connected to housing;
UP= Power supply; T = Temperature
Sensor:The sensor line is connected internally with the corresponding power line.
Vacant pins or wires must not be used.
1)Only for cables inside the motor housing

Product Information for elevator

AEF 1323 : Absolute rotary encoder for integration in elevator servo drives
ECN 1313 ECN 1325 ERN 1387 : Rotary encoders for servo drive control in elevators

Product Structure

Rotary encoders are characterized by excellent signal quality and high accuracy, and as such are a guarantee for high-quality velocity control and exact positioning.
Technical details such as stiff shaft connections, rotary encoder couplings with a high mechanical natural frequency or with extended running tolerances, simple mounting, and powerful bidirectional interfaces (EnDat) for absolute rotary encoders are all standard .

Product  Specifications

Model  Outside Diameter Shaft Version Protection Signal Periods Per Revolution Absolute Position Values Position Values Per Revolution Commutation
AEF 1323 58 mm Taper shaft
9.25 mm
Taper 1:10
ERN 400:
ERN 1300:
    8388 608
(23 bits)
ECN 1313 2048 EnDat01 8192 (13 bits)
ECN 1325   EnDat22 33554 435
(25 bits)
ERN 1387 2048   Z1 track for sine

Product  Features

1.Encoders with EnDat interface (purely digital or with analog signals) offer the option of retrieving encoder parameters and predefi ned characteristic values of the motor and brake from an internal EEPROM.
2.Can shorten commissioning times and prevent input errors when entering parameters of the drive system. In addition, EnDat encoders offer the possibility of electronic position adjustment (zeroing).
3.The absolute position value of the encoder can be adjusted to the orientation of the motor rotating fi eld, eliminating complicated mechanical alignment.
4.Depending on the encoder, diagnostic functions such as temperature evaluation and valuation numbers are available for assessing the encoder’s functional reserves. When critical values change, preventive measures can be taken in order to avoid unscheduled maintenance of the elevator.