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Elevator Inverter


Elevator Inverter Introduction

The elevator inverter is designed based on innovative load-sensorless start compensation technology, which helps ensure comfortable feeling at the starting moment without installation of a weight measuring device. Meanwhile, incremental ABZ encoder is utilized to achieve control of the synchronous motor. In addition, new type PWM inverter dead time compensation method and dynamic PWM carrier modulation technology help effectively reduce the noise and losses in electric motors.

what is an elevator inverter


The elevator inverter is an inverter for high speed elevators equipped with a regenerative converter to effectively use the regenerative energy. It contributes to saving energy by returning the regenerative energy to the power supply.

The elevator inverter is driver for elevator and just designed for elevator industry. It not only can control the tractor which driven by gear, but also can control the tractor which driven without gear. It excellent function and performance can easily matches with elevator control, so it ensures the safety and comfortable level of elevator.

Product Structure

1.The elevator inverter can drive both PM motors and induction electric motors.
2.Machine room-less elevator inverter can be installed in the space between the wall in the hoist way and the cage,and can operate by multi-step speed or speed command by serial communication
3.High speed elevator inverter equip a regenerative converter to effectively use the regenerative energy, and contribute to saving energy by returning the regenerative energy to the power supply.

Product Type

We provide a comfortable ride and high-level safety in high-rise buildings.
Brand Kone Yaskawa Hyundai OTIS FUJI  SIEI Panasonic STEP ThyssenKrupp  Hitachi 
Model Series KDL16  L1000A HIVD900G  LCRD404-LRU FRN AVY-KBL/EBL-BR4 AAD03011DK AS380 CPIK EV-ECD01-4T0075 

Emerson elevator inverter EV3200-2S0002S 
QMA elevator inverter Q-7000 Series
ThyssenKrupp elevator inverter CPIK Series
STEP AS320 Series Elevator Inverter


Features and advantages


1.Compatible with synchronous and asynchronous motor;

2.Start torque compensation without weight sensor; 3.Excellent static auto-tuning;

4.Optimized speed curve;

5.220V UPS emergency leveling;

6.Light load detection;

7.Support incremental, Sin/cos, UVW and absolute encoder.

Other usually question about elevator inverter

1.What is the anti-rollback function?
Even without the load sensor, it can supress rollback and can assist the elevator control.

2.What is the auto tuning function?
It makes unnecessary the troublesome operations such as setting the motor constants. Even in case of using the existing motors, the proper  tuning is possible.

3.What is the magnetic pole position estimation function?
It makes unnecessary the encoders with the signals of U,V, and W phases or an absolute value become unnecessary, and it can control the PM motor with the signals of A, B, and Z phases alone. Since  "phase adjustment of the Z phase" is also unnecessary, in case of the encoder replacement,  tuning by rotating the motor is not required. 
The minimum thickness is 90 mm.

4.What is the creep-less operation by position learning drive?
The inverter learns the position, and carries out control to accurately stop the elevator at the designated floor position. Simply by selecting the mode in the serial communication option from the upper level control, it is possible to carry out processes from speed management to creep-less landing control.