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Door Controller/ Inverter


Product Introduction

Elevator Door controller: The elevator door controller uses microprocessor. It is primarily used to control the door motor installed at the top of the elevator car, and drive the landing doors by a mechanical linkage to open and close the landing doors and car doors along the given curve quickly and accurately.
Door Drive for AC Motors The advanced door drive uses a microprocessor controlled frequency inverter suitable for AC motor application. The 3- phase inverter is the power interface between the control system and the motor.Ultra-fast switching technology using IGBT device leads to noiseless operation and low current ripple due to the high switching frequency of above 15 kHz. A suitable gear reduces the speed of the motor shaft according to the requirements of the mechanical environment. The control and profile and PWM- pulse pattern generation are done by a microprocessor system.

Door Drive Device automatically calculates door motion parameters (e.g. speed profile, acceleration and deceleration points, acceleration values) based on the door physical characteristics (weight and width) such as to ensure optimum operation of the drive.

Product Type

Brand Type Model
OTIS elevator door controller AT120 FAA24350BK1
XIZI OTIS elevator door controller DO3000  Easy-Con-T
OTIS elevator door controller DCSS5-E GBA24350BH1
OTIS elevator door controller AT400 AAA25580AL4 AAA24350BL
Fermator  elevator door controller VF5+
General elevator door controller DR-2009C 200W 400W 600W
Monarch elevator door controller NICE-D-A-SOP4
Selcom elevator door controller RCF1-6/12
General elevator door controller ACVF
SIGMA elevator door controller BG202-XM-II
ThyssenKrupp elevator door controller K300 IMS-DS20P2B
TORMO elevator door controller TDMD1 TDMD2 TDMS1
Panasonic elevator door inverter AAD03020DKT01

Elevator Drive and Door drive Motor Working Principle

Elevators uses closed-loop, door operator with a permanent-magnet motor with a built-in encoder and a microprocessor-based inverter drive. The compact inverter drive enclosure mounts easily on the elevator car. The motor replaces the original motor when re-using existing operator packages or mounts to the new operator package when the complete door operator is being replaced or newly installed.

Features of Elevator Door controller

elevator door control drive what we provide is intelligent drive with outstanding features that include a modularized design for easy removal and installation of terminal blocks, a power switch designed for safety, and a built-in digital keypad that provides quick operation control.
The drive offer door control modes for door opening and closing.
The distance control mode is controlled by an encoder that counts PG pulses to obtain the speed position without sensor.

The speed control mode is to control the speed and it needs detection sensors to execute the door open and close action. The multistep speed control mode generates a smooth door open-and- close curve using digitized control.

AC Motor Drives can efficiently control motor speed, improve machine automation and save energy.
AC Drives accurately control speed and torque.
•      Excellent control performance
Sensorless vector control and V/F control for excellent control performance;
•      Various control modes
Available speed control mode, distance control mode 1 and 2, improving application range;
•      Mini structure design
Smaller size, saving installation space;
•      Various interfaces and strong functions
Standard embedded CAN communication interface, available encoder signal input;
•      Multiple mounting methods
Compatible with wall mounting and rail mounting, easy to install;
•      Easy to use and maintain
The fan can be assembled and disassembled separately, easy to maintain;

Features of Elevator Door inverter

1. Smoother acceleration/deceleration of door
2. Best adjustment to electrical motor characteristic
3. Better drive performance
4. Closed loop position control ensures smooth run
5. Adaptive Fuzzy logic Obstacle detection
6. Event logging no loss of data after power down
7. Event Logging History: better analysis of errors and event dependencies
8. with optical isolation: increases robustness against noise disturbances
9. Output signal lines short circuit protected