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Door Lock


Product Introduction

The elevator door lock is the locking device for car door and landing door (usually refers to landing door). Normally, the landing door does not be opened without unlock device, which it is protecting the passenger safe. So the door lock is the important safety device for elevator.

Product Structure

The elevator door lock is mainly composed of look hook, lock ring, force unit, roller, door wheel for unlocking, electrical safety contact, and triangular door lock.
1.Lock Hook and Lock Ring consists of locking results, which ensures the landing door does not be opened, the meshing depth up to 7mm, and the endurance over 1000N.
2.Force Unit is used to reset door lock automatically after landing door opening, which is the resetting device, even if it fails, gravity will not unlock the door.
3.Roller and Door Wheel of Unlocking are used for unlocking door, when elevator arriving, the door motor transfers power through a series of mechanisms, and eventually the door vane drives the roller and door wheel to open the landing door.
4.Electrical Safety Contact is used to detect hook and lock ring is meshed together up to 7mm, or not. Once the electrical safety contact is opened, the elevator shall not be run.
5.Triangular Door Lock is located in landing door, which is used under abnormal conditions, non-professionals are not allowed using.

【The working principle of elevator door lock】

Push from inside to outside of well way, can be used to escape. There is an electrical switch to verify that the door is closed.
When the space between the adjacent two layers of door sill is greater than 11m, the height and width shall not be less than 1.80m and 1.80m respectively no less than 0.35m shaft safety door.

The door lock of elevator door is a mechanism responsible for opening and closing the door of elevator hall.
When it receives the signal of elevator opening and closing, elevator door machine controls the door operator through its own control system, which converts the torque generated by the motor into a force in a specific direction, and closes or opens the door.
When the closing force of the door is greater than 150N, the door machine will automatically stop closing the door and reverse open the door to play a certain degree of closing protection.

Product Type

Brand Type Model
Mitsubishi elevator door lock 161
Mitsubishi elevator door lock point lock point
Mitsubishi elevator door triangle lock triangle lock
Fermator  elevator female door lock  female door lock
OTIS  elevator door triangle lock triangle lock
OTIS elevator door lock point lock point AZ14-1KD
KONE elevator door triangle lock triangle lock
KONE elevator door triangle key  triangle key
KONE elevator door Lock point Lock point SEL1-A1Z SEL2-A1Z
KONE elevator door lock  door lock 
Toshiba  elevator female door lock female door lock AZ-05
Toshiba  elevator door lock  door lock DBL-2
ThyssenKrupp elevator door lock K200 K300 Fermator lock
ThyssenKrupp elevator door triangle lock  triangle key
Hyundai elevator door triangle lock  triangle key
Hitachi elevator door triangle lock  triangle key
Selcom elevator lock point KF9074
General Elevator female door lock AZ-06
General Multifunction elevator door key Multifunction
General elevator door triangle key  triangle key