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Door Motor


Product Introduction

Door motor runs at low speed to ensure smooth opening in the initial opening stage ,then the elevator door accelerates to high speed operation.Consideing the safely of passengers the average speed of closing should be lower than the average speed of opening so as to avoid banging or oscillating .
Geared motors form the maintenance-free drive unit in the door drive. The geared motors feature DC motors with non-self-locking gearing and are speed-controlled. The set force and speed limits are not exceeded. The force transfer takes place by means of a toothed belt which passes over a deflector pulley and can be fitted with two clutch holders. This enables both single-sided and centrally opening doors to be driven.

Product Type

Brand Type Model
OTIS elevator door motor AT120 FAA24350BL1/2
OTIS elevator door motor DO2000 FBA24350AM
OTIS elevator door motor XRDS-80J
ThyssenKrupp elevator door motor F9
ThyssenKrupp elevator door motor 125ST-13 K300 K200
Fermator  elevator door motor PMVC
Hitachi elevator door motor YSMB7124
Mitsubishi elevator door motor EMB-48-8
Toshiba elevator door motor TN-YTTD250250B
Toshiba elevator door motor TS4507N1228
KONE elevator door motor KM89717G06
KONE elevator door motor


KONE elevator door motor


Features of Elevator Door motor

  • Long life expectancy
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Drop in replacement availability
  • Quiet operation
  • Elevator Door operator
  • Flange mounted
  • Foot mounted
  • Drip-proof enclosure
  • 600–1,800 rpm
  • Single and two bearing designs
  • Encoder and encoder mounting options
  • Hot rolled steel shafts