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Door Roller


How to choose elevator door wheel

Elevator Door Hanger Rollers are widely used in different elevators 。
Two type Hanger Rollers: Nylon and Iron
Nylon: kind of engineering plastics
Advantages: low noise, light weight
Disadvantages: worse wear resistance than iron wheels
Advantages: good stability, wear resistance
Elevator door wheel is light-load, the difference between Nylon and Iron is not much, it's almost the same.

Product Type

Brand Type Model
Hitachi elevator door hanger roller 65x15x6202
Toshiba elevator door hanger roller 60x16x6203
Mitsubishi elevator door hanger roller 72x15x6202
ThyssenKrupp elevator door hanger roller 48x14x6200
Selcom elevator door hanging roller 3201.05.0032/C
OTIS elevator door hanging roller (double groove) 140*20*6204
OTIS levator door hanging roller 85*20*6204
KONE  levator door hanging roller 50*12*6201

【Product Features】

  • Weather proof
  • Long service life
  • Smooth performance