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Door Vane


Product Introduction

The elevator door vane is a door operator device located on the car door, which open and close the door after closing the vane.
There are two elevator doors. One door on each floor is called floor door. The door that moves with the elevator is called the car door. The floor door cannot be opened from the outside because the door lock device inside has a hook. It can be hooked when closed. When the elevator is leveled, the door vane is tightened and the door wheel is clamped, the hook on the hall door will open, and the door will open.

Product Type

Brand Type Model
General door vane for cargo lift door vane
OTIS  elevator door vane H1
Fermator elevator door vane CDL-VFXX series
Fermator elevator door vane CDL-50XX series
Fermator elevator door vane CDL-0DXX series
KONE elevator door vane KM602673G13
KONE elevator door vane KM902670G13
KONE elevator door vane KM902671G13
KONE elevator door vane KM900650G13
ThyssenKrupp elevator door vane RCF1

【What you need pay attention to about elevator door vane】

If elevator door vane is not working ,you need pay attention :

1. Dust or other foreign matter on the contact surface of the door vane,
2. The left and right contacts are powered off.
3. It is the car door that arrives at this floor, the elevator arrives. On this floor, the car door vane drives the landing door kick to open the landing door.
4.Generally, if there is a problem on the first floor, it is usually on the landing door. If there is a problem on each floor, it is usually the car door.
5.The left and right vane must be adjusted properly, otherwise it will cause the door to open or close the door improperly.