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Elevator Buttons


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Elevator in everyday life, in order to help people to save time, is characterized by large traffic, high frequency of usage and pay attention to efficiency, using unconventional formative elevator buttons, common elevator button on the control box of the basic rules are a whole transverse longitudinal alignment layout.

Main type of elevator button

1.Call Buttons are used to request an elevator. They are mounted 42" above the finished floor and consist of an up button and a down button that illuminate to indicate the request has been received and an elevator is on the way.
2.Floor Selection Buttons are used to select floors that the elevator will stop at. The highest floor button shall be at 54" above finished floor or lower. Buttons are 3/4" diameter and illuminate on being pressed.
3.Operation and Emergency Buttons are offset below the floor selection buttons. These buttons include door open, door close, emergency stop, emergency alarm, intercom or telephone, etc. The lowest of these buttons shall be at 35" above the finished floor or higher.

Button material

Elevator buttons can be in the form of floor numbers and buttons integrated and separated, in this case, only floor Numbers and buttons integrated. The common materials of buttons are white characters of silver background, black characters of silver background, black characters of white background and white characters with black background.

Analysis on the recognition: white background black characters, black background white characters and silver background black characters, text and background can form a large contrast, easy to identify. The white letters on the silver bottom are relatively low in recognition and difficult to read when not facing. It’s all silver, and there’s a similar problem.

​​​​​​​【Product Type


In elevator industry, the push buttons are generally divided into floor numbers button, door open/close button, door hold button, alarm button

Floor Numbers Button: As the name implies, it is used to select the destination floor. When the passenger enters the elevator car, the floor should be selected by pressing the button of the destination floor, if the light of button is on, which proves that the floor has been registered and the floor selection is successful. The elevator car will stop in order in the same direction after door closing.

Door Open Button: At present the door of elevators are driven by the power automatically in general configuration, the door open button is used to execute the elevator door opening operation. When the passenger is inside the elevator car, the elevator door is closing automatically, but if other passenger is still moving into the car, at the moment, the door can be opened automatically if pressing the door open button. In other situation, when the door is fully closed and the elevator is not in running, pressing the door button can make the door open again automatically.

Door Close Button: The Button is used to control elevator door closing automatically. When all passengers are ready in the elevator car completely, and the elevator light curtain or safety touch sensor is not screened, the elevator door will be closed automatically after a preset time. In order to improve the efficiency, the passengers could press the door close button to close automatically ahead of time.

Alarm Button: When passengers are stuck in the elevator car, they can ask helps from the duty room or monitoring room by pressing the alarm button and get timely rescue.

Intercom Button: When passengers are stuck in the elevator car, they can communicate by telephone with the duty room or monitoring room by pressing the alarm button. Just one time pressing, after the other member is connected to the interphone device, the two members can have a long conversation. If the conversation is interrupted, you can press this button again to continue to request a call.

Door Hold Button: Some freight elevators are also equipped with a door hold button, which is generally marked with ‘delay’ or ‘Hold’ words. The elevator doors open and remain open for a while for loading and unloading after the button is pressed.

Brand Type Model
OTIS  elevator push button BS34C BS34D
OTIS  elevator push button BR27C
Mitsubishi elevator push button  P235801B000G01
Mitsubishi elevator push button MTD200 MTD161 MTD180 MTD182
Toshiba elevator push button GS-1A
KONE elevator push button button Φ44x21mm
LG Sigma elevator push button MTD265
FUJI elevator push button MTD270

【Product Description

1.Code: engineer plastic, stainless steel process
2.Easy installation
3.Thickness of installation plate: 1.5-3mm
4.Button: stainless steel with special filing process, more beautiful, metal color
5.Switch life time: 3,000,000 times
6.Special fashion design, marvelous look
7.Illumination Color: bright yellow, fashion orange, ruby red, ivory white, venetian blue, emerald green.
8.Voltage: AC/DC12V, AC/DC24V
9.With Braille or not