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Elevator Encode


Product Introduction

The right encoder for every process step
Encoders and bearingless encoders mainly used for:
1.optimally controlling the drive
2.shaft copying systems for absolute positioning of the elevator car


How to choose an encoder for elevators

Encoders for geared motors

Geared motors are used for the new construction, but mainly for the modernization of elevator systems. Their main features are the reduction gear and a handwheel at the end of the motor shaft. On these drives, an incremental encoder mounted between the motor and the handwheel measures the rotary speed for speed control and transmits it to the CDM – Complete Drive Module.
The encoders for geared motors are characterized in particular by their large hollow shaft and their compact size intended for tight mounting spaces. In addition, high encoder resolution is necessary in order to ensure optimum speed regulation.


Encoders for gearless drives

Direct drives (gearless drives) are the consistent further development of geared motors.
Their benefits are primarily a high torque even at small rotary frequencies, as well as uniform and silent operating properties.
Direct drives are therefore perfectly suited for use in the elevator technology.
Flexibility is the main characteristic of the encoders for gearless drives. They provide the suitable encoder technology, the optimal mechanical mounting, but also the electrical interface. The drive and/or the system determine the choice of the suitable encoder.

Bearingless encoders for direct drives

Direct drives designed as external rotor motors are available in various versions which are characterized by a compact and particularly flat construction. Generally, these drives do not require an additional machinery room and are installed directly in the elevator shaft.
The bearingless encoders are made of a magnetic ring and a sensor head. They are ideal for compact and flat external rotor motors. The non-contact measuring principle, with its reduced mounting depth and various magnetic ring diameters, is perfectly suited for tight installation possibilities. Individual adaptation of the measuring system to the dimensions of the drive are here one of the most important prerequisites.


Product Type

Brand Type Model
Heidenhain  elevator encoder ERN1387 204862S14-70
Kone elevator tachometer KM276027
Kone elevator tachometer KM950278G02
SIGMA  elevator encoder PKT1040-1024-C15C
OTIS   elevator encoder TAA633K102
Tamagawa  elevator encoder  TS5208N122
Tamagawa  elevator encoder


Tamagawa  elevator encoder TS5218N578
Tamagawa  elevator encoder TS5246N160

【Product benefits 

1.High-resolution singleturn encoder for optimal travel comfort
2.Predestined for the elevator technology thanks to its design optimized for gearless drives
3.Cost-efficient thanks to simple plug-and-play commissioning
4.Reduction of life cycle costs due to the optimization of drive efficiency thanks to the high-resolution absolute and analog encoder signals
5.Reduction of the energy costs thanks to the electronic switching based on the high-resolution absolute position information of the measuring system