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Relay Series


Product Introduction

An elevator relay is a dependable device that is made of electromagnets that will open and close contacts which will route logic to circuits.

【Main Types of relays commonly used in elevators】

1.Elevator safety relay

each safety component of the elevator is equipped with a safety switch, and all safety switches are connected in series to control a safety relay. Only when all the safety switches are turned on and the safety relay is closed, the elevator can run with electricity

2.Elevator phase sequence relay

Elevator phase sequence relay is a relay that prevents the phase sequence of the three-phase power supply from being connected incorrectly. Phase sequence misconnection refers to the alteration of the phase sequence of the stator three-phase AC power supply U, V, W of the three-phase AC motor (traction machine) of the AC elevator, which may cause the elevator's topping, squatting, and overspeed operation failures. Wrong connection of phase sequence generally occurs after elevator installation, overhaul or power supply change. In order to prevent phase errors, a phase sequence protection relay is installed in the main circuit of the elevator power supply. Once the phase sequence is wrongly connected, the phase sequence protection relay will act immediately to automatically cut off the main circuit power supply.

【Main Elevator relay model what we supplied

Brand Type Model
OMRON elevator relay G7SA-3A1B DC24V
OMRON elevator relay MY2N-GS DC24V
General Elevator phase sequence relay  SW11-xj12
STEP Elevator phase sequence relay SW11