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Test Tool


【Functional Performance Tests for Lift Installation】

(1) Landing fixture
(2) Car doors and landing doors
(3) Safety devices for doors
(4) Lift car
(5) Control station in car
(6) Car door operation
(7) Safety gear and overspeed governor
(8) Automatic control system
(9) Installations inside machine room
(10) Lift well and pit
(11) Counterweight
(12) Lift ride quality
(13) Hydraulic system (for hydraulic lift only)
(14) Machine-room-less lift

【Commissioning and Statutory Inspections for Lift Installation】

(1) Static Examination – Mechanical
(2) Static Examination – Electrical
(3) Dynamic Tests
(4) Electrical System
(5) Hydraulic System (for hydraulic lift only)
(6) Governor/Safety Ropes/Suspension Gear Tests
(7) Car Safety Gear Tests
(8) Counterweight Safety Gear Test
(9) Clamping Device Tests (for hydraulic lift only)
(10) Buffer Tests (k) Anti-creep (for hydraulic lift only)
(11) Traction Check
(12) Duty Cycle Test
(13) General
(14) Other tests, inspections and examination as required  

Main type of elevator button what we supplied

Brand Type Model
OTIS elevator service tool GAA21750AK3
ThyssenKrupp elevator test tool DTB
ThyssenKrupp elevator test tool MC2
STEP elevator service tool AS380
LG SIGMA elevator test tool  OPP-2000
Hyundai elevator test tool HHT-2000
Hyundai elevator test tool HHT-WB100
KONE elevator decoder KM878240G02