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Elevator Compensation Chain


What is the elevator balance compensation chain?

1.Elevator is a kind of vertical lifting equipment, which has been widely used in today’s high-rise buildings.
2.Elevator balance compensation chain is a compensation device on the elevator. Its application guarantees the safe and stable operation of the elevator.


If the elevator balance compensation chain is not selected properly, what problems will happened


Often found in the elevator in the elevator using run time car with abnormal sound, a main reason to lead to the phenomenon – length compensation improper selection or do not conform to the requirements, analysis, and the right to choose for chain compensation for the elevator.


What's function dose the elevator compensation chain do?

The elevator balance chain compensation chain is commonly used in the elevator. Its structure is wrapped with PVC rubber composite material, which is used to compensate the weight of steel wire rope and make the elevator run smoothly.
1.When the elevator is on the top floor, the wire rope is on the counterweight side;
2.When the elevator is on the bottom floor, the wire rope is on the car side.
3.As the weight of the elevator changes continuously, as the elevator moves up and down, a dynamic imbalance will occur.
The role of the compensation chain compensates this part of the imbalance.

1.When the wire rope moves to the counterweight side, the compensation chain moves to the car side.
2.when the wire rope moves to the car side, the compensation chain moves to the counterweight side. This will compensate.
3.When the elevator is overweight or out of control, the elevator compensation chain will play a protective role to reduce dynamic imbalance.

How to choose elevator compensation chain?

1.In general, the elevator balance compensation chain first according to the weight of the traction rope chain minus the weight of the accompanying cable chain to determine the weight of the compensation, and then determine the weight per meter of compensation chain, from manufacturer’s compensation chain varieties selection.
2.Professional compensation chain manufacturers generally have flexible weight distribution options. A certain error range is allowed in calculating the weight of the compensation chain per meter. There are two choices of elevator balance compensation chain within the error range, two compensation chains with lighter weight per meter can be selected, and one compensation chain with heavier weight per meter can be selected.