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Geared Traction Machine



SANJIN has been distributing the entire line of Torin Drive machines for over 18 years, and supplying various types and specifications of elevator traction machine with different speed (from 0.5m/s-2m/s) and load (from 1000kg-2500kg) including AC2 and VVVF geared traction machine as per customers'requirement.

 Elevator traction machineis the elevator's power equipment, also known as the elevator host. The function is to transport and transmit power to run the elevator. It consists of a motor, a brake, a coupling, a gear box, a traction sheave, a frame and a guide wheel, and an accessory wheel. Guide wheels are generally mounted on a load beam under a frame or frame. Some of the disc wheels are fixed on the motor shaft, and are usually hung on the nearby wall. When used, they are placed on the motor shaft.

【Product Type】

 What are the basis for the main classification of elevator traction machines?

Part One. Classified by deceleration

1. With gear traction machine: The power of the drive device is transmitted to the traction machine on the traction wheel through the intermediate speed reducer.
Wheel worm drive (also used for helical gear drive). The motor used in this type of traction machine is AC and DC. It is generally used in low speed elevators. The drag ratio is usually 35:2. If the motor power of the traction machine is transmitted to the traction sheave through the reduction gear box, it is called a gear traction machine and is generally used for low and medium speed elevators below 2.5 m/s.

2. Gearless: The power of the dragging device is transmitted directly to the traction machine on the traction sheave without the intermediate speed reducer.
In the past, most of the traction machines were powered by DC motors. The domestically developed permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machines with independent intellectual property rights have been developed in China. Traps are usually 2:1 and 1:1. The load is 320kg to 2000kg, and the speed is 0.3m/s to 4.00m/s. If the power of the motor is directly transmitted to the traction sheave without passing through the reduction gear box, it is called a gearless traction machine, and is generally used for high-speed elevators and ultra-high speed elevators of 2.5 m/s or more.

3. Flexible transmission mechanism traction machine

Part Two. Classified by drive motor

  1, DC traction machine can be divided into DC gear traction machine and DC gearless traction machine.

  2. AC traction machine can be further divided into AC geared traction machine, AC gearless traction machine and permanent magnet traction machine. Among them, AC traction machine can be further subdivided into: worm deputy traction machine, cylindrical gear deputy Traction machines, planetary gear traction machines, and other gear decoupling machines.

Part Three. Classification by purpose

  1. Two-speed passenger and freight elevator traction machine

  2. VVVF passenger ladder traction machine

  3. Grocery Traction Machine

  4. Machine-room traction machine

       5. Vehicle elevator

Part Four. According to the speed classification

  1. Low speed traction machine (ν <1 m/s)

  2. Medium-speed traction machine (fast traction machine) (ν = 1m/s - 2m.s)

  3. High-speed traction machine (ν=2m/s to 5m/s)

  4. Super-speed traction machine (ν> 5 m/s)

Part Five. Classified by structure

  1. Horizontal traction machine

  2. Vertical traction machine

Traction Ratio: 1:1

Lift Speed






















SANJIN-YJ320 (contact us for more detail)

 【Product Specifications】

  Geared traction machinesare driven by AC or DC electric motors. As the name implies, the electric motor in this design drives a worm-and-gear-type reduction unit, which turns the hoisting sheave. While the lift rates are slower than in a typicalgearless elevator, the gear reduction offers the advantage of requiring a less powerful motor to turn the sheave. These elevators typically operate at speeds from 38 to 152 meters (125-500 ft) per minute and carry loads of up to 13,600 kilograms (30,000 lb). An electrically controlled brake between the motor and the reduction unit stops the elevator, holding the car at the desired floor level.

 【Other types of geared traction machine】

Model Load(kg) Speed
Wire Rope
Motor Specification
YJF120 320 0.5 Φ8*3 Φ325-14 2.2 5
320 0.72 Φ10*3 Φ400-16 3.5 8.5
320 1.0 Φ10*4 Φ400-16 3.5 8.5
400 0.5 Φ8*4 Φ320-14 3.5 8.5
400 0.72 Φ10*4 Φ400-16 4.5 9.5
400 1.0 Φ10*4 Φ400-16 4.5 9.5
450 0.5 Φ8*4 Φ325-14 4.5 9.5
450 0.72 Φ10*4 Φ400-16 5.5 12
450 1.0 Φ10*4 Φ400-16 5.5 12
500 0.5 Φ10*4 Φ450-16 5.5 12
YJF140 630 0.5 Φ10*4 Φ400-16 5.5 12.5
700 1.0 Φ10*5 Φ480-16 6.4 13.8
800 0.5 Φ10*5 Φ400-16 6.4 13.8
630 0 Φ10*5 Φ480-16 6.4 13.8
500 1.5 Φ12*4 Φ500-18 7.5 15.2
YJF160 800 0.5 Φ12*5 Φ480-18 6.4 13
800 1.0 Φ13*4 Φ520-20 7.5 16
630 1.5 Φ13*4 Φ520-20 9 21.8