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Gearless Traction Machine


【Product Type】

                                 Torin Drive machines gearless traction machines series
                                                                                        Suspension: 2:1
0.63 0.75 1 1.5 1.6 1.75 2 2.5
                         320 GTW7A / /
                         450 / /
                         550 / /
                         630 GTW7A GTW7AGTW9S、GTW2S GTW9S /
                         800 / / GTW9S、GTW2S /
                        1000 / / GTW2S、GTW9S、GTW10M GTW9S、GTW10M、GTW10L GTW10M、GTW1OL
                        1150 / / GTW2S、GTW3、GTW9S、GTW10M
                        1250 / / GTW3、GTW10M、GTW10L GTW10M、GTW1OL
                        1350 / / GTW3、GTW5A、GTW10、GTW10L GTW5A、GTW10、GTW10L GTW10、GTW10L
                        1600 / / GTWSA、GTW10、GTW1OL
                        2000 / / GTW5A、GTW10L GTW10L
                        2250 / / GTW10L /

How to choose Geared vs Gearless traction for elevator


Geared vs gearless are a very common problem for elevator selection, Although one of them has distinct advantages compared to the latter, but the best choice can always change according to the needs, abilities, adequateness, afford abilities and so many other variants.

Some important and comparative factors about Geared vs Gearless


1.The Standing of the Wheel

  • Geared traction elevator, the wheel is placed at the machine room which is above the elevator shaft.
  • Gearless traction elevator, the wheel is above the cabin and moves with the cabin.

​​​​​2.The Need For The Machine Room
  • Geared elevator, the wheel and the electric motor have to be placed to a machine room which is located above the elevator shaft.
  • Gearless elevator, also called Machine-Room-Less (MRL) elevator, the wheel is directly attached to the motor and the cabin, there is no necessity for the machine room.

3.Energy Consumption

Gearless elevator motors can be smaller than geared elevator motors because they don’t have gears.


Gearless traction elevators have an excellent ability on leveling with floors. Gearless motors make less noise, smoother on moving and stopping and make fewer vibrations on the cabin while moving. These make gearless elevators more comfortable than geared traction elevators.

5.Capacity Issues

  • Geared traction elevators can travel with up to 152 m per minute speed and a maximum of nearly 75 m height.
  • Gearless traction elevators can speed up to 610 m per minute with max 600 m travel distance.
  • Geared and gearless lifts have nearly the same load capacity which is enough for passenger travel. The necessities may differ according to the projects.


  • Geared traction elevators have bigger engine than gearless ones and that necessitates bigger combined instruments that makes maintenance harder.
  • the geared motors necessitate grease, which needs to be changed regularly, which makes the maintenance harder and more expensive.

【Disadvantage of Geared elevator


Machine rooms are mostly placed above the elevator shaft and must be considered during the design of the building. The machine room needs to be well lighted and air-conditioned. The machine rooms have a considerable size and need to be planned at the architectural design of the building. So the machine rooms can be considered as a waste of place.

【Advantage of Gearless elevator


1.Gearless motors can be smaller up to 50% of a geared motor. This makes the gearless motors more efficient on electricity usage. By making the motor smaller, other components will be also smaller. This will help the efficiency issue and make gearless motors more desirable.
2.Gearless traction elevator, the maintenance parts are smaller and there is no usage of oil.
3.Gearless elevator is more advantageous than geared ones about the speed and travel distance capabilities.



SANJIN has been distributing the entire line of Torin Drive machines for over 18 years, and supplying various types and specifications of elevator traction machine with different speed (from 0.63m/s-2.5m/s) and load (from 320kg-2250kg)  Torin gearless traction machine as per customers' requirement.
KONE Elevator Traction Machin MX10 KM811506G01 is supplied by Shaanxi Sanjin Elevator Fittings Co.Ltd.

【Product Specifications】

Torin Drive machines

This series of permanent-magnet synchronous gearless traction machines is directly driven by a low-speed, high-torque, 3-phase permanent magnet synchronous motor, and has the advantages of low energy consumption, low noises, no pollution, and little maintenance.
By using flat frame structure with three mounting surfaces, this series of traction machines can be installed on bottom floor or any middle positions or on the top of shaft way.
These traction machines can be arranged for providing upward traction or downward traction, and have remote manual brake release function. Wrap angle of the traction machines can be only 180°.


KONE EcoDisc machine by size


MX 05 This is the smallest EcoDisc machine.
MX 06 A bigger EcoDisc machine compared to MX 05.
MX 10 the most common EcoDisc machine and it is used in the MonoSpace elevators.
MX 18 mainly used in MiniSpace and possibly EcoSystem MR as well as some modernized elevators by Kone.
MX 20 A large and more powerful EcoDisc machine compared to MX 10. It is mostly used in the MiniSpace MR (2:1 roping) or TranSys MRL (4:1 roping) elevators.

KONE Elevator Traction Machin MX10


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