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Rope Attachment


Tapered Rope Sockets Introduction

While wire rope manufacturers universally advocate the use of zinc (spelter) for socketing wire rope, the difficulties of making this type of secure fastening in the field are so great that elevator companies have used babbitt to attach sockets. With the babbitting method,even a poorly made socket will develop a considerable portion of the rope strength, whereas with spelter socketing, if the bond between metal and the wire is not good, there is little or no holding power. Further, the melting point of zinc is considerably higher than babbitt, and the danger of overheating and damaging the wire is greater. Taking this into account, babbitting is recommended.

Rope Attachment Type】

1.Rope Attachment With Spring Size
Φ8mm Φ9.3mm Φ10mm Φ11mm Φ12mm Φ13mm Φ16mm
2.Rope Attachment Size
Φ6mm -Φ8mm Φ9mm -Φ11mm Φ12mm -Φ13mm

Product Specifications

1.Rope attachment always includes spring, wedge, bushing & clips.
2.Each socketing comes as a complete package.
3.Sturdy and tough, SANJIN offers high quality shackles for an unbeatable price.