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Traction Wheel


【Three driving types of elevator】

1.Traction driven elevator – the lift rope is driven by friction driven by the drive wheel rope groove of the main engine.

2.Parliamentary forced drive elevator — non-friction elevator driven by chain or wire rope suspension.

3.Press hydraulic elevator – hydraulic driven elevator.

【Traction drive】


Traction drive is driven by a traction wheel. The steel wire rope is suspended on the traction wheel. The car is suspended at one end and the heavy device at the other end.

1.Rope winding
The winding way of the elevator traction wire rope mainly depends on the position of the traction unit, the rated load and the rated speed of the car. When selecting and determining the rope winding mode, high transmission efficiency, reasonable energy consumption and long service life of wire rope should be considered.
 Calculation of traction force
The maximum effective traction force can be generated in the towing wheel groove is the friction coefficient between the steel wire rope and the wheel groove and the function of the steel wire rope around the Angle of the towing wheel.

3.Measures to improve traction capacity
* Change the shape of rope groove and material of rope groove to improve the friction coefficient.
* Increase the envelope Angle
* Increase the weight of the car
4.Calculation of specific pressure of wire rope in towing wheel groove (see textbook)
5.Friction coefficient of wire rope in rope groove (see textbook)
6.Causes of wear on the traction sheave rope groove

What factors affect the service life of the traction wheel


The factors that influence the life of the wire rope generally also influence the life of the traction wheel, including the following factors:

1.The traction wheel itself
2.Construction, material and physical properties of wire rope

3.height of car operation

4.the load

5.Technical parameters of the tractor and other components

6.Environment and maintenance .

Reel drive is an early type of elevator’s driving, except for hydraulic drive is all drum drive. This type of drum is usually driven by two sets of suspended wire ropes, one end of which is fixed to the drum and the other end is connected to the car or the other end. One set of wire ropes is wound clockwise around the drum, while the other is wound counterclockwise around the drum. Therefore, when one set of wire rope wound out of the drum, another set of wire rope wound into the drum.

The main problems of drum driven elevator


1. Low lifting height;
2. Low rated load;
3. Different rollers must be used for different elevator trips;
4. The guide rail bears great lateral force;
5. There is danger of overwinding and backwinding of the wire rope;
6. Large energy consumption

Other drive modes:
1. Hydraulic drive will be introduced in another course.
2. Currently, screw drive is rarely used in practice.
3. Pinion and rack.



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