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Wire Rope/Wire Belt


【Product Type】

elevator steel wire rope :  8x19S+FC      8x19W+FC   8x25Fi+FC

sanjin-6x19S+FC sanjin-6x19W+FC sanjin8x19S+NF sanjin-8x19W+NF
6mm 7mm         /         /
6.5mm 7.5mm         /         /
8mm 9mm 8mm 9mm
10mm 11mm 10mm 11mm
11mm 12mm 11mm 12mm
12mm 13mm 12mm 13mm
13mm 14mm 13mm 14mm
16mm 17mm 16mm 17mm


Elevator systems usually include a car and a counterweight (CW) which are suspended by tension members. A hoisting motor drives the tension members to lift the car to the desired levels within a hoistway .
1.steel ropes and steel belts are bouth used.
2.steel belts have a plurality of steel rope encased in a polyurethane jacket.
3.The usage of coated steel belts has several merits, such as high abrasion resistance, good flexibility and maintainability, long lifespan, low space occupation, and low noise.

【How to use steel wire rope & steel belt】

When running over the traction sheave and the deflection sheaves, the wires in the ropes are exposed to a high complex of stress factors comprising tension, flexural stress, torsion and compression — which all lead to material fatigue. During flexural stress, the wires bend in relation to each other. The friction created between the wires results in additional abrasive wear.
So you need regular inspection permits the correct time for changing the rope to be determined or the remaining service life to be estimated.
The elevator belt lies at the heart of optimal and safe bulk processing, when running, the belt is subjected to various loads. Choosing a good quality elevator belt is crucial.

【Steel Wire Rope Structure】

When running over the sheave, all components — strand against strand and wire against wire — are in continuous movement.
Steel wires for elevators have nominal tensile strengths of 1370, 1570 and 1770 N/mm2. Higher strength levels of up to 2500 N/mm2 are possible with special approval. A steel wire achieves these extremely high strength levels by a process of manufacture which combines forming with heat treatment.


steel belt type 

       Brand                                                                                            steel belt type
      General PV30 PV40 PV50 PV60 25P3 30P3 30P3 60P3
        OTIS AAA717X1 AAA717W1 AAA717AM2 AAA717AP2 AAA717AJ2 AAA717AD1 AAA717R1 AAA717AJ1