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Qatar National Center Car Park Project

  • Author:admin
  • Time:2020-05-08 09:39:19
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Qty: 4lifts

Brands: ThyssenKrupp

Sanjin Supply: Traction machine, Electric system, cartop and pit assemble.

These Car Park Lifts are located in the National Center in Qatar, ThyssenKrupp brand and installed in 2008.

Most parts are old and need to be replaced, and most important is that all electric parts like the controller system, all PCB and door assembly are made in ThyssenKrupp Korea. But our company are not only have strong purchasing way of domestic products, also we could offer products from all over the world, we are the connection bridge between original factory and terminal customer.

And the order fixed on Nov of 2019 and shipped all parts within same month.

Customer has start installation on January, and we have keep support for resolve any question during that time because we could offer not only the high quality products but also the good service.

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