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What are the important size factors for elevator installation

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  • Time:2020-08-26 16:55:59
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Before you start to plan about installing an elevator, the consideration on the standard dimensions of a new machine is very vital. It is also to be noticed if the Lift is installed in a commercial compound or a personal space. There are standard guidelines related to the Lift dimensions. It is equally important to adhere to these instructions from the regulatory authorities.

Dimensions and size of the Elevators

Discuss the regulations of commercial and residential elevators. You might get various models that abide by the regulations and are accessible to disabled people. Standard Models come in 40″ x 48″, 44″ x 54″ and 44″ x 60″ ground dimension, with 96″ central cab altitude. A mandatory instruction to be met is wheelchair and stretcher access in a lift.

Door Width, Cabin and Shaft size

Lifts are certified as per the latest standards set across the industry. Dimension of a lift vary as per the Persons and Capacity requirement.
A lift with 4 Persons and 320 Kg of capacity Shaft size should be 1300 (W) X 1450 (D) and Cabin size should be 900 (W) X 1000 (D)
A lift with 6 Persons and 480 Kg of capacity Shaft size should be 1500 (W) X 1650 (D) and Cabin size should be 950 (W) X 1300 (D)
A lift with 8 Persons and 630 Kg of capacity Shaft size should be 1550 (W) X 1750 (D) and Cabin size should be 1100 (W) X 1400 (D)

Load Capacity of a Lift

Once you consider the dimension of a lift another important feature is the load capacity of the elevator. After choosing an elevator, you have to take care that you never overload your lift. If you are planning to carry heavy loads in your elevator, you have to install and get an elevator that can hold the planned weight. On an average a housing lift has a load capability between 750 to 1000 pounds approximately. You need to understand the bearing capacity of the elevator for the long life of the lift.


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